What is Visual Manifesting?

  • Visuals, worksheets and games for mastering the Law of Attraction

  • Aesthetically pleasing

  • With a little mid-century retro flare, because it is fun.

Why Visual?


I had a bit of rough start in college. I found that no matter how much I read, listened and re-wrote my notes, the information was just not sticking. Especially at the new, fast pace that I needed it to. I was confused because I managed just fine in high school- but university level studying was like walking through mud.

Then, in my first semester of Latin, I noticed a break-through. Latin was the one subject that seemed to come easily, like too easy. Which really freaked me out, because it was Latin. “Latin is the easiest class ever.” - No one ever.

New Type of Learning

But, one day I realized, my Latin class had a workbook we could write in. None of my other classes had anything like this. And I used this workbook, too. Wrote in the margins, doodled and kept notes about exceptions. Post-it notes, drawings and charts. Color coded highlights and taped in pages.

Around this time, I told my adviser about my findings, who suggested I might be a kinesthetic learner. A wha? It was person who learned best by doing, or a tactile learner. But, how do you learn by “doing” in college?

She told me that if I could figure it out, it might just save my GPA.

So that became my quest.


  • I learned that if I acted like a teacher to myself, creating worksheets and homework that I could learn the lectures.

  • Then, if I turned around and completed the homework, the info would stick in my head even better.

  • I turned my books in to scrapbooks.

  • I drew anything I could, locations, maps and layouts. Everything became a visual.

  • I used lots of colors and color coding.

And it did save my GPA, and I ended up in a few honors societies along the way. But I learned I had to do it my own particular way.

Now, to the Law of Attraction

All of these lessons, I have also applied to my love of mastering the Law of Attraction. A while back, I started creating worksheets for myself to help cement certain applications of the law.

I created so many worksheets, coloring pages and games, that I thought others might like them, too!

It was my way of taking concepts of manifesting and making visuals. Hence, Visual Manifesting.

Who is Visual Manifesting?

10 Things to Know About Me

Me, Susan Hamilton. Someday, I’ll put a real picture. I promise.

Me, Susan Hamilton. Someday, I’ll put a real picture. I promise.

  1. I love illustrating. In fact, all of the illustrations on this site are mine. And I don’t let being self-taught or occasionally confused stop me.

  2. It has taken me 5 years to train myself to take my coffee without sugar. This is one of my greatest accomplishments. Hands down. I still do cream though.

  3. I love, love, love reading and listening to anyone and anything about the Law of Attraction. For years, this was a private hobby that I practiced alone. Now, I have this little corner of the world. Salutations, world.

  4. I have a precious cat named Purple. Like purrrr, get it? She’s amazing and the most self-actualized creature I know. 90% of my illustrations are created with her in my lap.

  5. I am a kinesthetic learner (ake tactile). Most people are visual, auditory, writing, but I am “doing”. It made college a bit of a challenge. I had to play teacher to myself to learn new material. Much of this site is inspired by how I learned in college.

  6. My favorite LOA podcast is “The Lively Show” - subscribe to it, seriously.

  7. I have been a Batman fan since I was 8 years old, which was when Tim Burton’s Batman opened in theaters. I still (shh) read the comic books even now. :)

  8. My apartment decor is inspired by Vicki Vale’s apartment in Batman (1989). Lots of art deco, soft colors and mirrors.

  9. I am left handed in everything, except for using the mouse.

  10. I used to work in luxury fashion which was really exciting. Now, I work for myself- and my little, introverted heart loves every minute of it.

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