Law of Attraction and Focus

Understanding your personal direction of your focus is one of the most important aspects of manifesting.  

Imagine you were given an alien ray gun.  You wake up one morning, go for the mail and on your welcome mat is this intergalactic zapper and a note.  It states, "whatever you zap with this gun multiplies".   

Gleefully you begin to plan what you want to aim for.  You open your wallet, grab a few dollar bills and zap, zap, zap.  You have now multiplied your cash.  The newly multiplied cash multiplies again.  Now, sitting in your living room is a pile of dollars all the way to the ceiling.  

The Multiplier  Alien Ray Gun

The Multiplier Alien Ray Gun

Focus, when it comes to manifesting is like this alien ray gun.  The law of attraction only responds to what you focus on, and where your thoughts are "aimed".   And what you aim for gets multiplied.

If you can look around you right now and see lack - you know focus has been aimed at evidence of your lack.

Redirecting Your focus Zapper

If you want to manifest something new and different, you need to find a way to ignore what you do not want.  Focusing on the evidence of the negative aspects of your life, will only bring you more negative.

You can start to manifest your desires by focusing away from the undesired things and towards what you desire, even if there is no current evidence yet.

I know this sounds impossible if your painful manifestations are causing you continual grief, fear or anxiety. These pesky problems tend to be right in your face and have scores physical evidence to examine and lament. But by examining the painful aspects, you are just lining up to bring you more of this.

shifting focus to attract your desires

Ask yourself, "what is my inner being focused on right now?"   We know that our inner being does not give in to fear or stress.  It lives in a constant state of well being.  It knows with calm certainty that everything is always working out for you.  

Take a few moments in your day to check in with the inner being.  How are they seeing this question, moment or person? 

Focus and the Present Moment

Another way to redirect your focus is to just redirect your thoughts to the present moment.  Is there anything going wrong in this very nanosecond?  What about this new nanosecond?  More than likely not.  

Who is Talking? If you are feeling bad or anxious, the culprit is the little mind.

Who is Talking? If you are feeling bad or anxious, the culprit is the little mind.

Bringing your mind to the present moment moves your point of attraction away from the unwanted things in your life to a calm contentment.  Switch your focus to simple and steady things like your breathing. 

When your "little mind" wants to chime in, just say "thank you for that" and go back to your stillness. 

Eckhart Tolle states that stillness is the space between the thoughts and noise.  And in the stillness - your inner being can come through.  

Your Inner Being, An Introduction

The easy solutions to all issues are presented to you by your inner being.

  • Also known as: Your soul, pure positive energy, subconscious, personal super computer.

  • Exists: Only in the present moment.

  • How to Know It is Speaking: You feel positive, satisfaction or well being.

  • Finding: Bringing your awareness to the present moment.

Coming into alignment with your inner being is shockingly uncomplicated, you simply bring your awareness to the present moment. Focusing on the present allows problems to dissolve. Now, you are no longer vibrating on the same wavelength as your problems.

Slowly, as you spend more time in the present moment, you start to see new solutions and impulses you would not have heard before.

access to your inner being

Here are a few techniques we have gathered for accessing your inner being.

  • Deeply breathe in and out until your thoughts begin to quiet.

  • Bring awareness to your physical body and the energy within to quiet your mind.

  • Meditate with the intention of quieting the mind. Refocus to stillness. When the little mind speaks, say “thanks” and let the though dissolve back to stillness.

  • Write to your intuition/ inner being. Write a question. Pause and listen for your inner being. If it feels pressured, angry or lackful, that is your little mind chiming in.

  • Sleep on the issue. Ask your inner being for the answer in the morning or as you wake. This is a beautiful time of day, and your little mind has not developed enough momentum to be too loud and distracting.

You have now gained access to the happy super computer of the mind.  The part of you that provides the solutions and a positive outlook on your existence.  

From this point of focus, you can start to attract more stillness, solutions and positive impulses. 

KNOW THIS: As you begin the journey of connecting with your inner being, you will fall of the bicycle several times before you start riding. It is important to remember that the more you try the better you get. Happiness is not something you have - it’s something you practice.

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