Make Manifesting Second Nature

Ready to skyrocket your manifesting? I hope you are, because this free seven day manifesting guide will have you practically dancing cheek-to-cheek with your dreams and desires.

First you need bookmark this page [Cmd+D or Ctrl+D]- so you can come back to print these worksheets as often as you need. Let’s get started!


What you will master in this Manifesting Guide

  • Building a super-charged desire statement

  • Dealing with negative thoughts - so you can manifest faster.

  • Creating custom, powerful affirmations.

  • Developing new manifesting habits, quickly and naturally.

Make manifesting a habit

Are you tired of trying the Law of Attraction, but go right back to your old ways?

Do you find that you are occasionally in alignment- then something knocks you off your puffy, positive cloud?

Our worksheets are designed to make manifesting your default mode.

Day One:

Welcome to the first day! You will need to download the Weekly Worksheet to get started. After printing, you will notice there are a few blanks to fill in before you start the week. On the left you will see some intentions you will need to set for the upcoming seven days.

Along the bottom are a few questions about your goals for this week, and it ends with asking “what makes you feel good?”. A reminder that life is supposed to be fun.

Download, print and complete the highlighted parts for day one.

Download, print and complete the highlighted parts for day one.

On this sheet, we are going to make a dynamic intention statement.

So, what is an intention statement? How does it help me manifest?

An intention statement is an opportunity for your mind, your future and your present to get on the same page. Instead of just setting goals, we are defining a purpose.

If your mind was Apple maps - this is you putting in your destination. Crafting a powerful intention statement is like creating a map for your mind to follow.

Your mind is incredibly obedient to your beliefs. And by creating a statement that feels like your dreams are not only possible, but on the way - you have taken the first step in manifesting a marvelous life.

And it’s a great way to kick off your week of manifesting!

Some helpful hints to create a powerful intention statement

Keep it present. Your intention must be in the present tense. By creating powerful statements in the present tense, you make it part of your identity.


Which means your subconscious will immediately start filtering new information that comes in. It will keep info that lines up with your new identity, and dismiss what does not.

It’s like how the day you decide to buy a home, you suddenly see for sale signs everywhere. Or when you buy a new car, and all at once everyone is driving your car… in the same color, too.

Achievable. It helps to keep your intention statements realistic. If you are crafting a statement about losing weight, you don’t want to say “I am thin”, because your brain will say. “ugh, no you’re not.”

You are looking to build a statement your mind will not immediately kick out. After all, you need it to start filtering new information that supports your intention.

If you make it too lofty, the mind/ ego will refute it, but if you keep it general, there is not much to argue with. So, “I am thin” becomes “I am making increasingly better food decisions everyday.” The mind will then facilitate by craving and thinking of healthier options.

For example: Instead of “I am a millionaire.” Try: “I am happily creating financial security and passive income for myself this week.” Keep it general and less specific. This prevents the mind from butting in with demands of “how and when” is this going to happen? It is also true. You are creating financial security.

Keep it positive and clear. Keep your intention statement focused on a happy and satisfying future for yourself, but you don’t need to get in-the-weeds about all the details just yet.

Be clear, and the fewer words the better. The mind will want to get in and start making conditions, or trying to figure out how to get this goal. But right now, we are just lining up with the goals, not solving them. That comes later in the week.

So, when we piece all of these hints together we get something like this:

It is my intention to make increasingly healthy food decisions for myself.

It is my intention to move my business towards passive income in a relaxed manner.

It is my intention to create more sources of income so I can happily quit my job.

What do you notice about these statements? There are no specifics, no time frames, right? When you get the intention statement right- the mind will start finding new solutions that line up with the words you say.

Notice how I added words like “happily” or “relaxed”. Because, if I quit my job, I don’t want to be stressed about it. Again, the mind is obedient to your requests, so be sure to spend some time thinking about what you really want- and how you want to feel.

The Worksheet

Notice on each day, there is a check box for the worksheets you will need to print and complete. You can go ahead and check off day one! How boss is that?

This planner will be your friendly accountability buddy over the next few days. Place it somewhere prominent — it will help you remember to take the next step.

Now, you can come back tomorrow for day two, or keep going. It’s totally up to you.

Day Two

Do you find you spend more time noticing the absence of your dreams? Do you get frustrated that you don’t know how to align with them? Today, we will work on dreaming big and imagining the highest possible scenario for a specific topic of your life.

Day Two Download

Day Two Download

Do find sometimes when you allow yourself to dream really big, your crabby ol’ mind chimes in with “that’s too much” or “that’s just impossible”.

Your ego just loves popping those balloons, doesn’t it?

But what if I told you that dreaming big aligns you with your goals more than “being realistic” ever has.

My absolute favorite way to get in alignment with my goals is to imagine the best pie-in-the-sky solution to my problems.

In day dreaming, you remove your attention from the problem. Suddenly when you are not focused on what is going wrong, you allow the space to figure out the solutions.

I imagine my problems are each lead weights. While my body wants to float, it is held down by these burdensome weights. They are called fear, doubt and discouragement.

The fastest way to cut these weights is to remove your attention from the problem. By shifting my attention to what I want instead, slowly I cut away each of the lead weights. This is also called removing resistance. And I and my vibration begin to rise again.

Filling out the Worksheet

When it comes to what you want to manifest, ask yourself wouldn’t it be wonderful if,

  • When it comes to my finances.

  • When it comes to my relationship with [loved one],

  • When it comes to my home.

  • When it comes to my retirement.

  • When it comes to my future.

  • When it comes to my work schedule.

  • When it comes to my travel.

  • When it comes to my love life.

Do you feel that? That is the easy, weightless feeling of removing resistance. When you dream big, you shift quickly to vibrate towards what you do want.

Once you have finished, set this worksheet aside it for now. You will reference this guy tomorrow, when you will be falling in love with your “why”.

Day Three

You are doing so great, and welcome back! I am so happy you are taking the time to prioritize your dreams. When you take the time to get the mind right, happily the rest falls into place. And that is what we are doing here. Taking the time to get your mind in a place where alignment with you dreams becomes automatic.

One of the best ways to make a behavior automatic is through repetition, hence the worksheets! These are here to print whenever you need, as often as you need.

Take a minute to review your “Wouldn’t it Be Wonderful if” worksheet. Do your big thinking dreams feel good? How could they feel better?

Day Three Download

Day Three Download


Today, we are going to tackle one more way to remove resistance when it comes to manifesting.

Have you ever felt your dreams were too far away? That getting from here to there seems overwhelming?

Then you will love, love, love this method.

Download the “Fall In Love with Your Why” worksheet. On this sheet, we will go through all of the reasons why you want the dream that you have.

In spending your time in your why, you line up completely with your dreams vibrationally. And your vibration is what brings the good feeling thoughts, impulses and eventually aligned actions.

This is a perfect technique for when you hit a snag manifesting your dream.

When you get the feeling of overwhelm- shift from the “bigness” of the dream to focus on why you want it in the first place.

Fall in Love with your Why

Why do you want the house, the partner, the health or the money?

  • What would it feel like to have these things?

  • What would your day be like?

  • What would change for the better?

  • What new things or activities would you do?

If you can remove all attention from the problem you can remove resistance. But if you remember your love of the solution, the answers will come. This is the habit that success “manifesters” have. They spend more time on their “why”, than the “how” and their dreams begin to manifest.

Manifesting Snowball

  • A single positive thought becomes several positive thoughts.

  • Several positive thoughts leads to alignment.

  • Alignment leads to impulses.

  • Impulses lead to action.

  • Action leads to solutions.

  • You are now manifesting.

And now we are really starting to roll. The intention for the first two days was you have you dream big and create a little relief from feeling the lack of your dreams.

If you can release resistance, the positive thoughts come. If you can stay there, in good feeling thoughts, the manifesting snowball above begins.

You start the momentum of your manifesting snowball by reading your intention statement, imagining what a wonderful solution would look like, and finally, shifting focus to why you wanted this dream in the first place.

Day Four


Are things starting to come together?

You have learned that when you create a positive intention, you are getting your subconscious on board. Then, when you imagine the most wonderful scenario and focus on your why- you release resistance to your problem.

Now, this is where the water starts boiling.

You are going to take the good feeling desires and dreams that you have built in the last three days and pull them together to make a Super Charged Desire Statement.

Why a desire statement?


The magic of the super charged desire statement is in the emotions. By bringing in the emotions you want to feel- you will create a desire statement that will align you automatically. Imagine that. One statement that serves to bring you into instant alignment.

This worksheet will help you build a statement that will also serve as your daily affirmation. Start your day off in pure alignment with the affirmation you create in this worksheet.

Learn the three important steps for building a aligning and manifesting statement. Download the sheet now to get started.

Day Four Download: “Super-Charge Your Desire” Worksheet

Day Five

Have you ever wanted to an affirmation that complete embodies your desires and dreams? One that gets you excited about your future and all of the possibilities?

Did you know you can build your own custom affirmations? You sure can!


Once you have mastered how to build your desire statement, we are going to turn them into Affirmations.

Day Five Download: “Building Your Affirmations” Worksheet and List

How to use the worksheet

Follow the instructions on the worksheet to build a series of affirmations based on all of your manifesting desires.

How to use your affirmations: These are mantras that you say to yourself throughout the day. As you go through your daily activities, you may find that your emotions will wobble or your ego will bring up your fears and doubts. That is what your affirmations are for.

You gently lull yourself back into alignment with your dreams in order to manifest them. Keep your affirmations list handy and after a few days using them - you will have them memorized.

Then the manifesting snowball (from day three) begins, again.

Day Six

This worksheet is one of my favorites. I personally use this one when I can not seem to quiet my mind. If something happens in my day that makes my brain go “booo!”, I grab this worksheet.

When you first learn about the law of attraction, you hear things like “just think positive thoughts and you get positive outcomes!” However, most days, as life shows you a stream of things you don’t care for, finding the positive seems … how do I a say.. impossible.

But that is because making the giant leap from negative all the way to positive is not something we have been properly trained to do.

This is why so many people think that the law of attraction is a bunch of malarky. When you ask people to stay positive, it seems impossible to maintain all day.


Finding satisfaction is like building a bridge from negative emotions to positive ones. In the case that negative emotions pop in your head, it is impossible to jump across the gorge all the way to positivity.

That is where satisfaction comes in. You build the bridge plank by plank, refocusing your attention from what is troubling you to what makes you satisfied about your situation.

You are deliberately removing yourself from negative emotion while inching towards positive.

Day Six Download: “Finding Satisfaction in Any Moment” Worksheet

When you find satisfaction with where you are, you instantly stop vibrating on a negative wavelength. While, you may not be vibrating all the way up to joy, bliss and passion- you have at least stopped the flow of negative.

And since every moment you are thinking, you are manifesting, this is an important skill to develop.

This is like finding neutral vibration ground. It is not “amazing!” or “awful!” but just satisfying. What you are manifesting from this place - will be more things that make you content. Which is just fine. Appeased is better than “dear jackrabbits, not that!”

From this place of contentment, you can now start to work your way to joy.

Quite simply, you are just stopping the negative with this worksheet.

Day Seven

Day Seven Download: “Silencing Voices of Doubt and Discouragement” Worksheet

One of the greatest killers of positive momentum is when the voice of doubt creeps in. In our eagerness to feel good again, we often try to yell this voice down or worse, let it stop us from genuine progress.


When you can learn to separate the little mind (or ego) from your higher mind (intuition), you can start gently redirect this negative voice.

You know it’s the ego when the thought moves you away from the intentions you set for yourself on day one.

Usually, thanking the ego for it’s movtive (which is survival) is enough to shift your focus away from its gravitational pull. Then, taking the negative thought and re-writing the doubt as a new affirmation.

This worksheet teaches you how to instantly spot these doubtful thoughts and refocus yourself back into alignment- then you are back on track- manifesting your dreams faster than ever.


Congrats on completing your seven days of manifesting extravaganza! I am so proud of you. You have learned how to set a clear intention for your life, then how to align with it through your thoughts.

As if that were not enought, you discovered how to refocus unsatisfything thoughts, and to dismantle the ego when fear and doubt crop up.

We hope that you were able to learn a few new strategies, as well as developing the habit of paying attention to your emotions- as they are the strongest indicators of alignment.

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But it was utilizing the Law of Attraction that guided me from 0 to a thriving six figure business in less than three years
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