Law of Attraction and Alignment

Once you have created your super-charge ask or desire, you now ready to manifest it, but there are a few things you need to understand before you do this.


You learned on the asking page that your emotion is your vibration. And to align with your desire, you need to feel the emotions that your desire would bring you, more that you experience negative emotions.

We are going to go through some tips and tricks to master alignment.

Alignment Tips

  • Ignoring your the negative parts of your reality. Looking at the parts of your life that create a knot in your stomach will just bring you into alignment with more knots.

  • Falling in love with your why. When you start to notice the unhappy aspects of your reality, focus again on why you want your desires. Get incredibly specific.

  • Find satisfaction with the subject, your life or the simple things around you.

  • Focus on your focus. Develop a laser like intense focus on your desires, why you want them and ignore the evidence it is not there yet.

  • Find presence. Spending more time in your present moment distracts you from negative thought.

Worksheets to Bring You Into Alignment


Finding satisfaction in any moment

Worksheet for instant alignment with your desires.


morning alignment exercises

Start your day the aligned way!

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