Law of Attraction and Asking

Asking is quite simply the easiest part of the Law of Attraction. Knowing what you want.


We also call it a desire. It is easy to ask the universe or your subconscious for all the things you desire.

On this page we have gathered all of our tip and tricks for creating a super-charged, powerful desire that lines you right up with you desire most.

Tips and Techniques

Law of Attraction states “that which is likened to itself is drawn”. Here are the best techniques for creating a desire that manifests quickly.

  • Understand that your vibration is equal to your thoughts and emotions.

  • You want what you want because it will give you a feeling or emotion.

  • Identify which emotions you would feel if your desire came true today.

Writing and Saying Your Desires

  • Incorporate positive emotions in to your written and spoken desires

  • Write them in the present tense. “I am so happy now that I create security for myself with passive income.”

  • Resist putting time constraints on them. “..the best best way for me at the best time”


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