Weekly Law of Attraction Planners

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Portrait Version of our Law of Attraction Weekly Planner

Download here

Landscape Version of our  Law of Attraction Weekly Planner   Download here

Landscape Version of our Law of Attraction Weekly Planner

Download here

With these free weekly LOA Planners will help you goal set. Also, they offer you the space to take not just action, but aligned action.

You have your choice of Landscape or Portrait - however you like to see your week laid out.

How to Best Use Your Weekly Planner

I recommend making some space to find an intention for your week that aligns with your long term goals.

Visualize your future- when you have accomplished your dreams & desires. What does it feel like? Prosperous, loved, warm, home.

Set your intention for the week

After feeling into your future, imagine the person you will need to be to have the things you want. What would that person tell you to do to reach your goals? What habits would your future self ask you to reinforce to get live the life of your dreams?

Examples: My intention is to take steps that lead to my goal of creating passive income. My intention this week to is eat only when I am hungry and stop when I am full at least three days this week.

What will move you closer to your life goals this week?

When you talk to yourself one, 3 or 5 years in the future, the advice is far more meaningful than if it came from another person. Since we have the closest relationship is to ourselves - we are more likely to listen to… us. Imagine the future you is lighting up stones on the pathway to your future self. Which stones would light up this week?

Examples: It is my goal to research three business ideas for creating passive income. It is my goal to create healthy snacks and meals in advance.

Positive Affirmation

I have actually created a worksheet for “Creating a Super-Charged Desire Statement” which would also double as a nifty positive affirmation. But, I can run down some of the basics here.

  1. Remember when you visualized your future from earlier? What did if feel like? List a few powerful emotions. Like secure, or free.

  2. Take your desires and put them in the present moment. "I am currently creating passive income for myself.”

  3. Combine the two. I am feel secure that I am creating passive income for myself. Tada- that’s your super charged positive affirmation for the week.

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