Is the Law of Attraction Not Working?

There are some basic steps when it comes to manifesting your desires using the law of attraction.  

Understanding some of the basics will help you understand where you may need a little help.  Let’s troubleshoot some common questions about manifesting using the Law of Attraction.


Issue: Your desires are not based in emotion.  

When you experience things in life you do not want, the tendency to is stay there mentally for a while. We evaluate what went wrong and who’s to blame. We take score and replay scenes.

However, when it comes to Law of Attraction, the negative emotions that these life circumstances evoke do not serve to move us to our ultimate desire.

When we find aspects of our life that we want to shift, it is important to quickly re-focus to the solution. I bet after experiencing the problem, you know what you want now, with even more clarity and detail than ever before.

This helps you to create a powerful desire statement- that puts you right in alignment.

Creating a powerful desire statement requires a little adjustment. When you focus on the feeling the desire would give, you create a super-charged ask that keeps you focused on the solution. We walk you through these steps in the "Creating a Super-Charged Desire" Worksheet

Solution: Complete one "Creating a Super-Charged Desire" Worksheet

Issue: Needing to see evidence it is working

By noticing that your manifestations have not arrived, you might be pushing them further away.  I know that this sounds like a nutty catch-22.  But think of it this way - if your emotions are indications of your current vibration, what emotion goes through you when you notice your problems?  Frustration? Disappointment?  

If get what you vibrate, you are just asking for more frustration and disappointment.  Now is the time to think of life like an experiment.  Try ignoring reality.  Do what ever it takes to take your mind from your present reality. 

What We Know:

  • Like attracts like through vibration

  • Vibration is equal to the emotions we feel.

  • Understand which emotions your desires would give you.

  • Find ways to feel the emotions first, then the desires will manifest. 

The first evidence of things working out will be your feelings.  This is the seed sprouting.  By looking for physical evidence you are constricting the outcome. 

Focus on the feeling and the manifestation of more good feeling thoughts.  This the evidence of success.  From here you will experience brilliant ideas and impulses that will move you further down the path of your desires. 

But, it is important to be expectantly patient and have unyielding focus on the feeling of your desires. 

Solution: Read Ego vs Inner Being. Complete the “Finding Satisfaction in Any Moment” Worksheet

Issue: Lack of Focus.

Sounds a little harsh, I know.  But it is true. 

The ability of the ego to run away with our thoughts is an impressive one.  If we are careless in our thinking and our focus on our desires, we tend to spend more time on negative aspects of our reality more than we realize. 

Sometimes understanding that there are really two minds at work, the ego and the inner being, can help separate our thoughts as helpful or not.

Become the listener, or watcher of your thoughts. In the section before, we address how to identify the different thoughts as ego or inner being. Now, it is time to use your focus to re-direct your thoughts to the inner being. And this might require some focus.

Solution: Read our article on Focus.  Complete the “Finding Satisfaction in Any Moment” Worksheet