Creating a Super Charged Desire Statement Worksheet

On this worksheet, you will re-write your desires in such a way that you can’t help but come instantly aligned with them. Manifest your dreams quickly by focusing on the concepts in the worksheet. (Download below)


How to Fill Out This Worksheet

On this worksheet, we are going to focus on the emotions that these desires bring you. Since emotion equals your vibration, it is important to know and feel this emotions as much as you can throughout the day. More on Emotions and Vibrations.

What is your biggest desire? Write your current dream for yourself. Write it as vividly and positively as you can.

Example: I would like to create passive income so I can be independently wealthy and not have to work.

Which emotions would this desire create? Imagine that you have everything you want pertaining to this desire. What does it feel like to live this dream? List the first emotions that come to you.

Example: Security, Freedom, Enjoyment, Satisfaction, Interest

Re-write your desire. Bring your desire into the present day, as if it were manifested right now. Add your emotions to the desire statement. It is easy if you start with “I am so [emotion] now that…”

Example: I am so secure, free and satisfied that I am creating passive income in ways that interest me. I am so excited to experience life as a financial independent person.

Emotions: Choose an emotion from your list. Are there any aspects of your life that give you this emotion today?

Example: Freedom - I feel freedom when I drive my car, playing video games, and travel.

Your Powerful Why: List the specific reasons you want this desire. Focusing on the “why” brings you into further alignment. If you focus on the “how” your vibration gets filled with resistance and confusion.

The ego likes to get in the problem and make it hard. But by focusing on your powerful why, you align with your desires vibrationally.

Example: I want to be financially independent so I can travel whenever and however I want. I want to be able to schedule my day however I want. To wake up without an alarm clock. To live life spontaneously.

Extra Credit:

We recommend putting a little extra positive umphf at the end of the statement. Add these statements for some extra alignment warm fuzzies:

  • “…in the best possible way for me.”

  • “…in a relaxed way.”

  • “the easiest”

  • “the nicest and kindest”

  • “…at the perfect time”

Desire Statement Example: I want to create passive income in the best possible way for me so I can travel in a relaxed way whenever and however I want.

Print and use as often as you like.

Let’s go through some more desire statement examples.


  • Want: I want to have lots of money without working

  • Emotions: Fun, freedom & spontaneity

  • Present tense: I am creating increasing amounts of passive income.

  • Super-Charged Desire Statement Example: I feel free now that I am creating increasing amounts of passive income. I create money in the best possible way for me.


  • Want: A healthy body (absence of pain)

  • Emotions: Vitality, Free and Effortless

  • Present tense: I am living in a healthy body that I appreciate and love.

  • Super-Charged Desire Statement: I feel vital and free now that I have a healthy body that I appreciate. I am healthy and happy in the best possible way for me.


  • Want: A loving relationship

  • Emotions: Appreciation, interest, fun

  • Present Tense: I am in a loving, calm relationship.

  • Super-Charged Desire Statement: I feel appreciated in my loving, calm relationship that works in the best possible way for me.