Steps for Manifesting More Money in Your Life

It happens to all of us. Our wants and dreams have a tendency to outpace the funds in our bank account. This causes stress, pain and embarrassment.
In this article, I will walk you through the steps for using the Law of Attraction to manifest more money in your life.

Abraham Hicks describes the steps as the following:

  1. Ask

  2. It is Given

  3. Align with It/Your Inner Being

  4. Receiving It

  5. Asking again


This is the easiest part of the law of attraction.  Life sometimes shows us things that we decidedly do not want.  There are situations, people and challenges that cause us to ask for something or anything to make it better.

Super charge your asking:  

  • Take your current challenge and decide what you would rather have.  This is your desire.

  • Imagine having your desire right now.  Which emotions would this create?  What would this feel like?

  • Re-phrase your desire with these emotions.  Write in the present tense.

Example:  There are very few funds in my bank account.  I would desire more money.  Having more money would feel like freedom and ease.  New desire:  I love feeling the ease and freedom of having more than enough money.

Now you have your super charged ask.   

It is Given

The next step is not really yours, but belongs to your inner being.  Whenever you ask the universe (or subconscious), imagine that your inner being has flow over to your desires.  It is currently with your piles of cash, your new home and passive income streams. 

Your Inner Being enjoying what you have asked for. Now, listen for the impulses that call you to your desires.

Your Inner Being enjoying what you have asked for. Now, listen for the impulses that call you to your desires.

This is what "it is given" means.  You are given everything immediately, and your inner being/intuition is calling you to it.  

Your intuition calls to you by sending impulses, good ideas and fully formed thoughts.  It is not the typical back and forth your mind goes through to work out a problem.  You just receive solutions and feelings to do things.  

How do you hear these impulses?  That is in the next step where we learn how to line up with what we have asked for.

Aligning with Your Inner Being

The art of lining up with what you want is simply learning how to quiet the brash, problem oriented "little mind".  The little mind is the constant litany of thoughts that rush into your brain at almost any stimulus. 

It is anxious, nervous, judgmental and petty.  This guy is also talking over every impulse and feeling of well being from your intuition.  


Learning how to manage the little mind in order to allow the inner being to speak is what is called the "art of allowing".  

How to get in touch with your inner being

  • Meditate: In meditation, your goal is to feel the space between the thoughts.  When the little mind chimes in wiht your grocery list or an old memory from childhood, you simply thank the mind and move back to the stillness.  You may do this over and over at first.  But slowly, the space between the thoughts will expand, and the thoughts will quiet.  This takes a little patience, but pays off dividends. 

  • Presence:  Being fully in the present moment allows you to silence the little mind that tends live in worry about the future or pain from the past.  Being here and now is a form of 

  • Sleeping: If the thoughts take over and you can not seem to find quiet space, perhaps a nap is in order.  In sleeping- all thought stops.  Set the intention that you will feel better and calmer upon awaking.  

  • Removing Resistance:  Ask yourself which emotion you would rather feel in this moment?  Freedom, ease and contentment? Find aspects of your life that give you these emotions.  Does your car give you a feeling of freedom, then focus on your car.  

Now, what would you like to specifically manifest?  We will walk through exercises and techniques for super charging your manifestations.