Appreciate What You Want to Duplicate - Coloring Page

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They tell us that life is not all fun and games, but wouldn’t it be funny if the way to get everything you want is through, in fact, fun and games?

This is our belief here at Visual Manifesting. You get closer your goals and dreams when you let yourself have the most fun you can in any moment.

Letting Your Inner Child Play

Sometimes that means grabbing your favorite coloring pencils or for us- crayons. Get in touch with your inner child - and nothing takes me there like the familiar and comforting scent wax crayons and the cheap paper sleeves they come in.

Why not increase the your alignment by coloring a positive message like “What you appreciate duplicates”

I decided to keep the retro, mid-century theme that we use on site in this particular coloring page.

Inspiration: I just posted our guide to dealing with envy and jealousy (read here), and I was really feeling the step where I advise turning your jealousy to appreciation instead. Since, appreciation is so much higher on the emotional scale, it is more aligning to say “I admire this person for the following reasons…”

I wanted to drive home this lesson with taking the time to color in a beautiful affirmation. I hope you enjoy it as well.