Appreciation Exercise


The purpose of this worksheet is to turn any envy or jealousy that you may be experiencing about a person and shift it to a more positive vibration.

From this positive vibration, you will be able to manifest the things you appreciate about others into your own life.

How to Use this Worksheet:

Which desire would you like to manifest?

In this section, you can mention anything that has popped in your head. Or you can apply this to an aspect of anotherโ€™s life you would like to see in your own.

Example: I would like to travel to more exotic locations in pure luxury.

Are there any people, businesses or fictional characters that embody the aspects you appreciate?

In this section- list the people who would travel to exotic locations flying first class.

Example: Oprah Winfrey Esther Hicks Jess Lively

What specifically do you appreciate about each?

Make a detailed list of the aspects these individuals have that you would like to see manifest in your own life.

Example: She is always moving from city to city. She stays in the most beautiful hotels and AirBnBs. I love the restaurants, cafes and shops she showcases on her instagram. She meets all kinds of interesting people and throws the best meetups with likeminded people. She even lives in different countries and fills her home will aligning furniture and decor.

Write affirmations about yourself using what you appreciate in others.

This is your time to take the most valuable aspects of each of your most admired people and write this into your own life. Use lots of emotion words and bring the affirmation in the present tense.

Example: I feel so secure now that I am creating passive income that allows me to travel. I am so happy that I have all the money I need to visit my bucket list cities. I am building my business which allows me to travel in style.