Three Unconventional Steps I Used to Create a Six Figure Business

Here at Visual Manifesting, I am putting all the tools, mindset devices and worksheets that I used to build a six figure business for myself into part of my site.

At the end, you will find action steps, worksheets and recommended daily rituals for increasing your income.

Your Emotion is Your Greatest Guide

When I first decided to start a business, I can not tell you how many would-be mentors flooded into my life. I didn’t know that I knew so many business experts, granted none of them actually owned businesses or even tried to start one, but man.. did they have “advice”.

I was in my early twenties, and took every opinion as a mandate. Even if I didn’t want to do that particular thing. “You should do a podcast… you should start a YouTube channel. Don’t spend any money in the beginning..” and so on. Without hesitation, I said yes to all of the above. Even if there was a knot in my stomach the size of Texas. Even if it made me miserable.

It took me years and many failed attempts at getting my business off the ground before I finally met my own personal wealth guide. The one that would take me over the finish line.. my emotions.

I am enough

This sounds like such a simple and trite expression, but the deep meaning of the phrase “I am enough” lead me to all of my greatest financial successes, without exception. I interpret this affirmation in the following way: your strengths are enough to lead you to financial success.

In retrospect it seems glaringly obvious. I spend years of time and money to learn this valuable lesson. The goal is not to “fix your weaknesses”, it is to super-charge all the things about you that are already exceptional.

There are millions of ways of making a million dollars.

This is where emotion became my greatest teacher and mentor. Once I decided that I was going to start running things my way, playing to my strengths- opportunities, ideas and solutions began to line up.

While I was working and taking advice from others, my business made $32,158 in retail for the year. Granted, most of that was made during the rush of the Holiday selling season. I woke up hopeful and bleary eyed on New Year’s Day- and knew I only had 7 months before the next winter shopping extravaganza. Seven months to figure out what was working and abandon the rest.

Sitting on my couch with a mug of strong cinnamon coffee, I began to write all of the decisions I made the following year that lead to more sales, and the decisions that caused set backs. It was time for some honesty and positive momentum.

Strength in No Numbers

After compiling my list, I noticed something fascinating. The decisions that lead to increased income were the ones where I “defied convention” or didn’t follow someone else’s advice. I remember vividly talking to all of my friends, family and fellow business owners about a concept for a new product. Not one person told me to go for it. All told me to save my money and not try anything to risky, especially in the Summer, when sales always tend to slump.

But, I couldn’t sleep. I keep designing and dreaming about this dream product, about what it would look like and the types of product shots I could make. I made an executive decision as the CEO of my company (whispers) to totally do this I idea in secret but tell nobody about it. (end whispering)

I look back at this and have to chuckle at the memory. I was the single employee of a small side hustle. Why was I so afraid of other’s opinions? Why was I following uninformed, hastily given advice? But I treated everyone’s input as more important than my own.

I decided for the next year, that I was going to run my business in stealth mode.

  • No opinions of friends and family.

  • Do not fix your weaknesses but instead, cultivate your strengths.

  • Go as long as you can in the creative process before telling anyone.

  • Find business owners whose strengths match your own.

  • Trust your gut.

Stealth mode ended up skyrocketing my business and the next year I made $152,120 and doubled again the following year.

I Get So Emotional

So, how do you know you are proper stealth mode? It feels good. Your decisions feel like the best thing you can do with your time- despite any previous advice.

How do you know when you are out of stealth mode? It feels awful. You feel unsure. The insecurity comes from others expectations on how a business is run, or social media is approached.