Does Jealousy Help with the Law of Attraction?

Has the little green eyed monster reared it’s head again?  Turn your personal jealousy monster into your manifesting superhero.

Jealousy - The Green Eyed Monster

Jealousy - The Green Eyed Monster

For me, jealousy pops up to whine “why not meeee?” whenever I am scrolling through a gorgeous travel Instagram account.  Nothing puts me into a greater state of super-envy than seeing someone jet-setting with the ease of making a cup of coffee. 

I know deep down that this is not the most productive use of my time or tender emotions.  So, I take a moment to try and understand what is going on- so that I can turn the USS SuperJeally around.

First Emotion then the Second

When I see something I would like - I know I feel the emotion jealousy, or even envy. But, interestingly, it that it is not the first emotion that creates pain in our bodies - but it is the secondary emotion.  This is the emotion you feel about the first emotion you feel. I know, sounds confusing- but stick with me.

 So, I feel jealous that this gorgeous smiling girly girl gets to travel around the world – throwing peace signs at some of the most historic places.  Jealousy is the first or primary emotion. You know it is a primary emotion because it is the first one you feel, it is easy to name and very quickly it is gone.

Law of Attraction and Jealousy Emotions

But then I feel shame.  Shame that I am jealous about people who travel on luxury trips.  I know I should smile at what I want in my life, but I am not feeling like cracking a smile at this moment.  

This is the secondary emotion or how you feel about how you feel.  I feel shame about feeling jealous.  

The secondary emotion causes the physical pain in the body – the type of stomach knot you feel in the diaphragm or your solar plexus.  It causes the ego to get involved too.  The ego likes to pile on by bringing up your past decisions, circumstances and loved ones who did you wrong.

Back on Vibrational Track

In terms of the law of attraction, I am now manifesting on two negative vibes; shame and jealousy.  Eeek!   I am also trying to silence my ego, who is on a full rant. 

Law of Attraction and Jealousy Emotional Scale

So, how do we turn this around?

This is surprisingly easy- to turn your vibration around – and back to the direction of what you want is change jealousy to appreciation.  

Appreciation is at the top of the emotional scale. Shifting your feeling toward a soft admiration of toward the people you feel jealous of, will line you up vibration-wise with all of your desires.

Action step: Write everything you appreciate about this person and their life.  Get detailed. 

Your Board of Directors

After I write what I admire in this person- I add them to my imaginary board of directors.   For every major topic in my life, I keep an impressive list of board members that guide and offer input on my actions and decisions.

I have added this impressive traveling woman to my “Travel & Leisure Board of Directors”.   I keep BofDs for my business, social media, and health & fitness.  Now, instead of getting jealous, I recruit them as internal advisers. 

Action step: Make a board of directors of people who you have admired in the past.

Conclusion for Using Jealousy and the Law of Attraction

Now that you have shifted any mild shame, jealousy and envy into pure, aligning energy, take things one step further by completing our free Appreciate Exercise worksheet. We promise you will be in full alignment by the end of this one page miracle.

Want to learn more? Also, I have added some further reading below if you want to know a little more about your Ego and finding internal satisfaction.

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