Prosperity Alignment Worksheet

Prosperity Alignment Worksheet

Learn how to align with your desires by using your emotions. Your emotions equal your vibration, so focusing on the favorite desires and the emotions they bring you.

This short worksheet will bring you further into alignment with the things you want.

  • Clarify your desires.

  • Identify which emotions your desires would bring to you.

  • Describe aspects of your life that bring you these emotions now.


How to Fill This Worksheet Out

What are your prosperity desires? Write your deepest desires relating to money and abundance. Keep it honest and simple.

Example: I would love a million dollars. I want passive income.

What is the emotion this desire would bring to you? Imagine you had everything you wanted right now. What does that feel like? Which emotion is the first you feel when you imaging your prosperity dreams coming true.

Example: Security.

Write the emotions you would like to feel today from above.


Emotion: Security

Where I live and my home makes me feel secure.

The love of my family makes me feel secure.

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