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Appreciate What You Want to Duplicate - Coloring Page

Appreciate What You Want to Duplicate - Coloring Page

Sometimes that means grabbing your favorite coloring pencils or for us- crayons. Get in touch with your inner child - and nothing takes me there like the familiar and comforting scent wax crayons and the cheap paper sleeves they come in.

Why not increase the your alignment by coloring a positive message like “What you appreciate duplicates”

Click through and download this PDF to get started coloring.

The Focus Wheel Worksheet

I woke up one day and decided that I was going to understand the Focus Wheel. Over the last few years, I had read about and heard about this famous focus wheel from Abraham Hicks and various others.

Focus Wheel: A pen and paper tool devised by Abraham Hicks to align you with your desires.

Blank Focus Wheel

Blank Focus Wheel

Making a Focus Wheel

  1. Draw a large circle on a sheet of paper

  2. Draw a smaller circle in the center of the larger circle.

  3. Write your desire in the smaller circle.

  4. Going clockwise around the small circle, write statements that help line you up with your desire.

Most LOA apps on my iphone include a focus wheel. [whispers] But, I just didn’t get it.

The focus wheel is a giant circle in the middle of your page. Inside of this giant circle, is another smaller circle inside. I was told that you write your desire in the very center of the wheel. Around the wheel, you write things that help you line up with your desire.

On it’s face, the focus wheel made sense, I started by writing my desire in the center. Super easy “I want to be a millionaire”.

But every time I worked on the actual wheel part, I felt terribly unsure. Is this the right thing to write? Is this positive enough? I’m not feeling a release of resistance quite yet. Where’s the magic that everyone else is talking about?

Understanding the Focus Wheel

Apparently there were two majorly important pieces I had missed.

One: The desire need to be written with the “feeling” you want from the desire.

So, “I want to be a millionaire”, should have been more like “I want to feel the abundance of more than enough money in my accounts.” Or “I want to feel the security of a relationship”, “I want to feel the vitality of a healthy body”.

Since emotions are our indicators for knowing if you are lined up with your desire, it is important to know which emotion your desire will bring you.

This will tell you if your positive statements around the focus wheel are aligning you or not. Does this sentence feel “abundant”? If yes, then jot down, if not- then try again.

Two: Going General

After writing my desire in the center of the wheel, I started writing statements that were supposed to focus me on my desire of more money.

However, my statements didn’t give me an abundant feeling. Mainly because they were terribly specific and convoluted. Things like, “I want to earn money to through passive income.”

Well, now I am wondering how I will make this passive income. What does that look like and how would I ever start? This is not feeling too abundant, yet.

I learned that if I was too specific, it detracted me from the desire and created all kinds of resistance. But, if I kept it gently general, I felt better and my little mind did not chime in a tornado of thoughts.

Now, I always start with the statement “I know everything is always working out for me.”

This sentence feels so good to me, and my inner being cosigns with a “yep, yep, yep!”. I realized that to focus on my desire did not require anything more specific than simple feelings of ease, well-being and satisfaction.

Focus Wheel Example - Filled in

Focus Wheel Example - Filled in

My personal favorite focus wheel phrases.

  • Everything is always working out for me.

  • My inner being is lined up with everything I desire.

  • Stillness brings all solutions

  • Abundance is my birthright

  • My inner being is calling me to all my desires with impulses and solutions

  • I can line up with my desires at any time.

  • I love knowing that the universe has my back.


Download Your Own Focus Wheel

Practice getting into alignment with what you want.