Fall in Love with Your Why - LOA Alignment Worksheet

Why Law of Attraction Alignment Worksheet

Which Desire Would you Like to Manifest?

Write the most desirable goal that motivates you each day.

Example: I would like to create a new source of passive income.

Why Do You Want This?

Make a list of reason you want what you want. Get as descriptive as possible. Use feeling and emotion as part of your “why”.

Example: I want passive income so that I can have time and money to travel the world. I want to travel in style and as often as I like. I want to stay in some of the most beautiful locations, hotels and historic sites. I want passive income so I can spend my day on my hobbies and reading. I want passive income so I can retire well and not have to worry about income.

Which Emotion Would This Desire Evoke in You?

Write what it would feel like to have your desires today.

Example: Secure, spontaneous, luxury and freedom

Are There Aspects of Your Life That Give you This Emotion today?

What gives you the feeling of the emotion you listed in the question before? If you listed security, what in your life right now makes you feel secure. Your home? Your family?

Example: My friends, family and my home makes me feel secure. Planning my next travel vacation makes me feel free and spontaneous.

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