How To Relieve that Knot in Your Stomach

So, it's happened again.  Sometimes I wake up in the morning feeling awesome and ready to go.  The world is at my feet and I am the boss of my life. 

But then sometimes, I don't quiet get ahead of negative thoughts.  They creep in one at a time, and when they realize the coast is clear- they flood in.  All before my feet have even it the floor.  


1.  The Satisfaction List

The Little Mind is saying ___________ (note the negative thought).

Is there anything satisfying about this topic?

[List items about this topic that feel satisfying.]

Is there anything satisfying about this very moment?

[List items about this topic that feel satisfying.]

Is there anything satisfying about your life in general?

[List items about this topic that feel satisfying.]

2.  Mantras

These are some of my personal favorites reach for when the negative thoughts creep in.

  • Life is supposed to be fun.

  • Everything is always working out for me.

  • There is no future and there is no past. There is just the present moment.

  • Happily ever after.

  • I surrender all to pure positive energy.

3. Visualizations

One. Imagine a thread wrapped around the part of your body that feels tense and affected by negative thoughts.   In your mind, see yourself unwrapping the thread from the part that feels tense. 

For me, it is my solar plexus.  I can feel a tightness in my stomach that associates with dread, fear and anxiety.  

Two. I grabbed this from Abraham Hicks.  For super-fans of this teacher, you might recognize this analogy.  

I imagine a cork in a pond of water.  I am swimming in the water with it.  Abraham's describes negative emotion has holding the cork under the water.  But when you let go or surrender, your cork naturally floats to the top of the water. 

Visualize the cork as your thoughts on this topic, and imagine the feeling of surrender and see the cork float to the top. 

Printable for Finding Satisfaction. 

I have created a Printable that helps me get myself back to feeling good, sunny and satisfied. 


Finding Satisfaction Printable

Feel free to download and use one of my favorite methods for increasing my vibration.



Printable for Shifting Your Vibration

Are you having a day?  Sometimes it feels like your negative thoughts hosting a field day in your mind.  Complete with potato sack races and baked goods. 

We know that the more attention we give our negative thoughts the more they grow.  We also know that ignoring them and shifting to more positive thoughts is the mission when negative thoughts pop up.  

But some days are easier than others.  On the tough days, we have your solution. 

The handy, dandy "Finding Satisfaction in Any Moment" free printable.  This jazzy little PDF walks you gently walks your negative emotions off the field so your satisfaction and joy can come out to play.

Print a few of these and keep handy in case of emergency. 

Our 8.5 x 11 inch printable for Releasing Resistance and Finding Satisfaction.

Our 8.5 x 11 inch printable for Releasing Resistance and Finding Satisfaction.

How to use: 

At the top of the page, note the repetitive negative thought that your mind seems to be stuck on. 

Flow down the page to describe a few satisfying aspects of the topic you are on.  You may need to get a little creative but there are bound to be things you love about your job, your body or your loved one that come to mind. 

Next, start listing the most satisfying and joyful aspects of your present state and your life.  What ever comes first is the most important.  Write until the space is full.

Further down the page list the emotions you would rather be feeling in this very moment.  

Does it not sound better to feel joy, love, confidence, certainty, clarity, happiness, peace or calm?  After you list your preferred emotions, write a few things in your life that give you those feelings.  What makes you feel calm, confident or joy.   Really feel these positive aspects of your life. 

This is evidence that things are working out for you. 

We now move to the mantras that really raise our vibrations at Visual Manifesting.  Feel free to use your own.  Pick one for the day- and set the intention for the rest of your day to feel this mantra.

Finally, we have added a quick visualization.  We love the Abraham Hicks example of the cork floating to the top of the water.  Your natural state is a state of joy, satisfaction and positive.  But, we have beliefs and conditions that cause us to hold our cork under the water.  

The best news is that once you let go and surrender- the cork naturally floats back to the top of the water. 

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