Falling in Love with Reasons

Wealth Affirmations: “Fall in Love with the Reasons You Want to Be Rich” - Jen Sincero

Wealth Affirmations: “Fall in Love with the Reasons You Want to Be Rich” - Jen Sincero

I created this gorgeous little affirmation visual because it is exactly what I am vibe-ing with right now.

Feeling Thirsty

When I meditate on manifesting and allowing wealth and prosperity into my life, it feels expansive and free.  I feel like I am right on track, directly lined up with what I have dreamed for myself.   

But after I mediate, and get to work again - I find that I start getting thirsty again.  Jess Lively (of the Lively Show) describes being thirsty as wanting something so badly you are keeping yourself from it. 

You are striving, pushing for it.  Being thirsty for something is the opposite of allowing it, and being inspired to action.

Interestingly, taking action before alignment is such a learned and habitual practice - that I often do not realize that I am just working to work - rather than waiting for the inspiration to come and taking the natural next steps.

Sometimes, I do not realize that I have started backsliding into "action for the sake of action" until I am well in it.  My chest is tight, I have been staring at a blank screen, my eyes are dry and I can't remember the last time I stepped away from my desk or had a sip of water.  

Shifting the Focus

I have asked my inner being/subconscious/higher self to let me know when I am working just to work, instead of taking inspired action that leads me closer to my goal.  

One way I shift the focus back to inspiration is to focus on the "why" of what I am doing.  Why do I want to start this new venture, business, blog post, word document?

Getting lost in the why of it all, I find that my chest relaxes.  My vision goes soft and my thoughts are calmer.  I know instantly which vibration I am vibe-ing on.  

Falling in Love with Reasons

When I picked up Jen Sincero's You are a Badass as Making Money for the third time, I heard this quote loud and clear.  It rang in my head like a gong. 

Focusing on the "why" and falling in love with the reasons puts you closer on the path of what you desire than the actual work.