Law of Attraction: Manifesting and Receiving


Now we are finally at the main event. When you have created your super-charged desire and found alignment with your desire, things start happening.

Evidence of Manifestation

When you find alignment by focusing your emotions - the first evidence of manifestation appears.

  1. The first aspect is.. you start feeling good. You feel lighter, brighter and life is generally more fun. This is sure fire proof that you are on the right path. Continue focusing on your emotions and feeling good as much as you can.

  2. The longer you feel these good feeling thoughts, they start to bring impulses. These impulses are inspired action - suggestions from your inner being, lighting up the path towards what you desire.

  3. A momentum begins to build when positive emotions and impulses begin to compound. The greater your focus on your emotions, your desires and alignment the greater the momentum.

  4. Manifestations form when your momentum of inspired action creates a tidal wave of positive outcomes, great ideas, perfect partners and seeming miracles. This is the law of attraction at work.

Our outcomes are a direct reflection of our focus. If you find that your desires are not manifesting, try reading our article on focus.

If you find that you need help evicting negative thoughts and anxiety from your head, read the article on satisfaction.

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