Law of attraction steps

Understanding the basics of the law of attraction. 

Simply: Using the law of "like attracts like" to guide your life.

A little more:  If like attracts like, then you must get what you think about.  In re-working how you think and see the world, you can create a better one for yourself. 

The wonderful thing about the law of attraction is you can use it as little or as much as you are comfortable.  You can approach it from a more scientific standpoint utilizing journals and visualizations.  Or it can be a deep dive into the "woo-woo" aspects of life with meditating and conversations with your "inner being".

But, how you use it is completely up to you.

Law of Attraction: That which is likened to itself, is drawn. 

There are some who even tap into this law and may not realize it. They are the ones that say "fake it 'til you make it" or  "visualize the touchdown" before the game.   They have shirts that say "good vibes only" on them. 


Many who start learning about the law of attraction usually have something very important that they want.  The money, the partner or the healthy body. 

Often, we know what we want so specifically we can describe it with novelist like detail.  We can tell you the every aspect of this thing we desire so vividly we feel it.  We can almost imagine it is real.  

If this is something you do often, you are already half way there.   If "that which is likened to itself, is drawn" then how to you get the desire out of your head and into your life?  How does one "line up" with what they desperately want to attract it?

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Download this free manifesting guide to learn seven easy strategies align you with your destiny, so you can live the life of your dreams.

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Notice the next step is called "allowing", not hustling or grinding it out.   There is no hard work or struggle in using the allowing the things you desire to manifest.

Manifesting: When what you vision in your mind takes an outward visible form. 

This is where the "art" part comes it.  If you are looking to attract something like "more money"- how does like attract like if you don't currently have the money?  It actually incredibly easy- you use your emotions.  While you may not have the thing you desire, you *do* know what having it would feel like, right?

What does being wealthy feel like to you?  To me, if feels like security, adventure, luxury, freedom and ease.

So, while you do not have what you desire right now, you can attract it to you by focusing on what it would feel like to have it now.  This is how like attracts like.  Feeling secure brings more situations that make you feel secure.  Focusing on ease brings more ease.  And so on. 

Allowing: Feeling the feeling of having your desires more that you notice the lack of them.

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Secrets of Success

While simply feeling a feeling sounds so simple, there are a few habitual ways of thinking that get most people off track. 

Notice the definition of allowing above.  It is recommended to focus on the feeling you know your desires will bring you.  Note the emotions the money will bring you, and feel those emotions before the manifestation.

Typically, what happens when we really, really want something is we notice that it is not there.   All day long, we comment on our lack of money.  We see it when we go to the grocery store and buy the off brand cookies rather than the Oreos.  You see a new Mercedes Benz and feel a since of longing.  Then, you notice your own car with a little shame or frustration. 

If you follow this path, you will just attract more things in your life that bring more shame and frustration.   

The ultimate key to finding success with the law of attraction is focusing on the feeling of your desire more than you focus on the lack.   

Alignment:  When you are feeling the same emotions and feelings as your desires before they arrive.


Finding Satisfaction in Any Moment

Your task in any moment is to gently remind yourself to realign your thoughts throughout the day towards your desires.  Try and spend more time each day in positive land than on the absence of your desires. 

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Impulses and Intuition

It sounds so counter intuitive.  Ignoring the reality of your present situation fixes your present situation.   This is not how we were raised to think.  We were taught to make to lists, and buckle down.  To look the problem in the eye, tell your friends about the issue.  

But when you calmly spend time with good feeling thoughts and emotions, the "little mind" that chatters and induces panic and anxiety quiets down.   When things are peaceful in your mind for an extended period of time, you can start to hear the positive impulses towards your desires

From a calm mind, your intuition is stronger and the good ideas just keep coming.   These brilliant and positive impulses will lead you step by step towards everything you want to manifest. 


Mastering the Law of Attraction

  • Be clear on your desires.

  • Know what it would feel like to have it.

  • Feel the emotions of having your desires more than noticing the lack of them.

  • Follow impulses and intuition while you are feeling the calm, positive emotions.

  • Rinse and repeat.

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