Law of Attraction and Money

Wealth and prosperity worksheets and tools for LOA enthusiasts.

Let’s walk through our favorite worksheets just for making money, creating currency, accumulating assets and broadening your bucks.

On this page, I will walk you through the basics on how I manifested a six-figure business, paid off student loan debt, created a retirement portfolio I love managing and built multiple sources of passive income.

Before I could do any of the former, I needed to create a mindset that could allow the wealth in. Once I created the foundation for wealth, the rest just took care of itself.

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Asking for your Abundance

The first step in creating wealth and prosperity for yourself is to create a desire statement clarifies your intentions, what you want and aligns you with it.

Law of Attraction Money Manifesting Steps

Start with “Creating Your Super-Charged Desire Statement

When you need a little extra alignment boost while deciding what you want, we recommend checking our worksheets related to dreaming big. In focusing on the why and not the how, you find that your emotions will shift. Effortlessly your emotions rise to the level of your desires.

Download “Fall In Love with Your Why” Worksheet

Now, it’s time to dream big- and really push the limits of your imagination. When you have the “why” sorted out, you can start to dream-scape a reality that imagine how things would begin to work out for you in wonderful ways. This next worksheet is the perfect way to discover your deeper and more meaningful desires for your life.

Download “Wouldn’t Be Wonderful if…” Worksheet


Download this   free manifesting guide   to learn seven easy strategies align you with your destiny, so you can live the life of your dreams.    Click to now to download

Download this free manifesting guide to learn seven easy strategies align you with your destiny, so you can live the life of your dreams.

Click to now to download

  • How I make my money…

  • How I spend my day…

  • How I live my life…

  • Where I live..

  • Who I spend time with…

After discovering your powerful why and dreaming big with asking what a wonderful conclusion to your desire would be, you will want to re-print the “Creating a Super-Charged Desire Statement” and incorporate the whys and new desires that you discovered.

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Aligning and Receiving your Abundance

Whew, that felt great. Does your desire statement make you feel like anything’s possible? Like what you have asked for is coming? Good, lets go!

If not, don’t worry, just keep tweaking the statement until you feel relief or excitement.

One tip: if you find that the statement seems “impossible”, you might want to make the statement less specific. Instead of “I have $25 million dollars and a Porsche”. Sometimes our mind refuses statements that feel untrue and not real. Perhaps, a softer more basic statement, like “I am creating streams of passive income for myself.”

Download “Prosperity Alignment Exercise

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Your Emotions

Law of Attraction on Money

The key to finding success with the law of attraction is understanding that your emotion is your vibration. And to align with your desire, you need to feel the emotions that your money desire would bring you, more that you experience negative emotions. This is also called “allowing”. By focusing on your positive emotions, you allow your desires to manifest.

In this section, focus is going to shift from asking for wealth to lining up with your wealth. Aligning and receiving is about taking daily actions to line up with your future- these daily actions become daily rituals. Once they become rituals, you now have new habits and new beliefs. This is the goal- to use these worksheets to create new beliefs.

We can only allow at the level of our current beliefs.

As you print and use these worksheets daily, you will find that you start to incorporate the thinking as your day goes on.

Law of attraction satisfaction

When you find your self in a circumstance where your emotions are negative and you want to get back on track, we recommend the Satisfaction worksheet. It can be hard to jump from any negative emotion allllll the way up to positive emotion, but “satisfaction” is a wonderful halfway point. You are no longer vibing down in the gloomy doom of your ego’s fear, but at a place of “satisfied and ready for more”.

Download “Finding Satisfaction in any Moment

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Another way to bring your cloudy mood back to happy sunshine is to take a whirl on the ol’ focus wheel. This is a device created by thought leader Abraham Hicks to bring your present state back to a more positive general place of feeling good.

Download “Focus Wheel

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Print enough of these printables to keep around for emergencies. After a few times of filling these out, you will start to learn how to put yourself back into alignment with your money goals. After days of focusing on your emotions, this will start to become habit.

Developing the Money Mindset

Download “Weekly Goal Setting Planner

Download “Daily Money Mindset Planner”

Download “Morning Alignment Exercise


You now have a Bachelors degree in manifesting money using the Law of Attraction.


I am so happy you are here. Our goal here at Visual Manifesting is to help with all types of manifesting - all the time. Whether you are trying to manifest the money in the bank, a beautiful relationship or a healthy body, our worksheets and articles are here to help you remove any blocks to lining up with your dreams and goals.

If you want a little more information on how to super-charge your manifesting, I would sign up for our free Seven Days of Manifesting Course. I go in depth on getting the mind right, so you don’t have to work so hard to have the wealth you desire.

I tell you all about the steps and methods I used to create a business I love running, a bank and retirement account I love managing and new passive income streams I love creating.

I am currently working on a Manifesting Money workbook that takes you step by step on dreaming big, getting into effortless alignment with your desires and how to listen to the intuition- who is guiding you to everything you want.

It is still in the baking process, but we can shoot you an email when it is finished this Winter, 2018.

Happy Manifesting,

Susan Hamilton

Law of Attraction Money Manifesting Workbook

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