Section Four: Experiencing Snags & New Desires

I am so proud of you. Together we have walked through emotions, ego and your powerful intuition.

Here in section four, we are going to switch things up. Instead of reading one long chapter, we are going to allow you to choose based on your personal money blocks and issues.

Each of these chapters are standalone, meaning you can pick only the ones that apply to you.

Choose a relevant topic

Browse through the topics above and download a hyper-focused worksheet on your personal money issues.

You can come back as many times that you need when new money blocks form.

Living a Debt Free Life

In this chapter you will learn the reasons your mind gives to adding to your debt. Unravel the ego’s paralyzing reasons for not finding happy solutions to your debt.

And, a bonus suggested action step that will help you stay happy, fulfilled and joyful while you pay off your current debt. (Step four!)

In this chapter, you will:

  • Build powerful affirmations

  • Learn your personal money values

  • Discover the debt solutions from your intuition

  • Examine old beliefs about money, build new ones towards abundance

  • How to handle your current debt with the Law of Attraction

End Comparison and Judgment

Do you constantly find yourself scrolling through Instagram longing for the life of the wealthy and fantastic? Do you feel behind when it comes to finances?

Feel a little pang of jealousy and guilt? Well, that’s okay because we are going shift that envy to empowerment.

in this chapter, you will:

  • Learn how to turn comparison into a tool to skyrocket your manifesting

  • Build affirmations that align with your future abundance.

  • Reclaim your own authority over your life.

  • How to enact the opinion diet

  • Use any jealousy and envy to boost your own alignment

avoid over-spending and buyer’s remorse

  • Learn how to trust your inner being and connect with your abundance

  • Examine your money values.

  • Discover how your money values and beliefs shape your financial decisions.

obsession with savings

Do you have guilt and stress every time you get out your wallet? Do you often feel buyers remorse when it comes to your purchases? Constantly worried that every dollar spent is lost forever? This chapter is the relief you seek.

in this chapter, you will:

  • Learn that abundance flows to you, even more when you spend

  • Soften anxiety when it comes to spending money

  • Realign your stress to build statements of abundance and positive.

  • Shift insecurity to security and fear of lack to abundance with just a few sentences.

  • Enjoy spending money on enjoyable things and experiences

manifest a new home

coming April 2018

align with your dream career

coming May 2018

increase your passive income

coming May 2018

expand your business

Did you finally escape the rat race to find yourself in a brand new race? Do you have a longing feeling that if just a few aspects change, then business would really rocket to the top? Do you want more sales, customers, quality and ease?

In this mini-chapter, we will shift from the lack in your business and move into creation mode.

In this chapter, you will:

  • Learn how to ask the perfect question to your inner being to solve your business problems

  • Increase your clarity on what you want, to bring the perfect solution.

  • Envision your ideal business in a way that aligns with how your inner being sees you and your work.

  • How to instantly shift your vibration towards solutions in any moment.