section one: asking


In this section, I will walk you through how LOA and wealth building work together.

Why your challenges are going to be your greatest solutions, and how to create a super-charged desire statement.

A desire statement that is guaranteed to put you in alignment with your desires.

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Section One

Table of Contents

Creating Your Own Reality

Vibration = Emotion

Like Attracts Like

You Create It

Important Notes - Weekly Planner - Quiz

Introduction to the Law of Attraction

Challenges Pave the Way

What To Do With Desires

Where It Starts


Worksheets & Activities


Wouldn’t it be wonderful if worksheet

Activity for dreaming big. List the three biggest financial topics in your life right now. Debt, getting your dream job, starting a business.

Then list the best possible scenarios for these topics. Be sure to dream really, unbelievably big. Get unrealistic.


falling in love with your why

Activity for aligning with your desires. When you list the reasons why you want something, suddenly you find that your body is lighter, as you naturally line up with your desires.

Shifting from the “how” to the “why” helps you release resistance that you are holding regarding your dreams and goals.


Appreciation list

This is one of my favorite exercises. When you shift from envy or jealousy to appreciation you find that not only do you release any negative emotion, you actually start attracting what you appreciate about other people, places and situations.


weekly planner

At then end of Section one you will find a description of how to use the weekly planner.

If you intend to move slowly through the workbook, you can come back each week and print as many as you like.

FYI: You are doing great! Move as quickly or slowly through the material. You can always login and come back whenever you like. There is no expiration date on your account.

Coloring_Mandala Artboard 1.jpg

Powerful desires coloring sheet

color your way to alignment


Fun & Games

Download the Crossw ord and Word Search that goes right along with Section one.

Solutions available on in the Answers section.