Section three: Receiving


Are you blocking your receiving?

  • Learn the most common ways you block your receiving

  • Discover how to unblock and align with your desires

  • Learn how your emotions create physical pain, and how to alleviate it

  • Release resistance and curb discouragement to manifest all the money you want.


Disappointment & discouragement

Did you try a new way of earning money, but did not see the success you want? It may just be the ego telling stories, and blocking your manifestations.

Get back in the saddle with this print-out.


releasing resistance

Take everything you learned about blocking your resistance to earning more money, and release it.

Learn the perfect technique for dealing with the negative emotion that is closing off the valve of wealth.


fear list

Do you find yourself cornered by fear and doubt when it comes to your dreams and goals?

Learn how to make your greatest fears your greatest friends.


Fun & Games

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