Section Two: ALigning


Now that you have built a desire statement that will also serve as your new go-to affirmation, you are ready to start getting into alignment with your desires, wants and goals.

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section two

Table of Contents

Power of Making Decisions

Redefining our Identity


The Ego

The Emotional Scale

Bridging the Gap

Finding Satisfaction

Present Moment

Though Spiral

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identity statement

When you decide to break an old habit or way of thinking, it helps to use a few aspects of your life you know to be true.

That certainty carries over to your new identity statements.


Finding satisfaction in any moment

Guide yourself back into a more positive alignment.

If you want to make satisfaction a habit, I recommend the “Finding Satisfaction in Any Moment” worksheet. Print several copies of this worksheet out. Reach for it when you start to feel any stress or serious negative emotion.


Present moment journal prompts

When you find you are in the grips of negative emotion, sometimes a simple diversion is all that is needed.

These questions are designed to peak your curiosity enough to release negative resistance.


Fun & Games

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