visual tools so you manifest anything using the law of attraction.

Do you find yourself endless reading Law of Attraction books but the lessons don’t seem to stick?

Images and visual reinforce new concepts like nothing else.   

I want you to not just read and learn new ways to manifest, but I want you to take it to the moon.   And the way you do that is through repetition, new habit setting and belief system adjustments.

We make beautiful visuals and worksheets to super-charge your manifesting.

Everything we create is designed to put you in alignment with all of your money dreams, this workbook is designed with an abundance of activities, illustrations and games.

Seven Days of Manifesting

Download this free manifesting guide to learn seven easy strategies align you with your destiny, so you can live the life of your dreams.

Coloring Book Pages

Download our free PDFs - ready to color.

Color your way to alignment.

Who’s Talking? Your Ego vs Intuition

Learn all the ways the ego sneaks into your everyday thoughts. Find out how to instantly tell which is giving your advice.

Manifesting Money Workbook

Over 100 digital pages of money and prosperity aligning workbook content, activities, games, worksheets and coloring pages.

A downloadable book that puts you into automatic alignment with everything you want.

Coming Winter 2018

What is Visual Manifesting?

A collective of visually based tools, games and worksheets to help you master the law of attraction.

We love design-oriented and aesthetically pleasing printables and visual tools for manifesting.

Where do I start?

For Law of Attraction beginners, we have a visual walk-through of the Law of Attraction called the Encyclopedia Manifestica.

For Law of Attraction lovers, browse our worksheets, games and tools for assistance with manifesting.

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