Congratulations!  Iā€™m honored and excited that you're joining me for the Manifesting Money Workbook. Take a moment and really acknowledge yourself for listening to your intuition and investing in YOU.


Welcome to Your Money Manifesting Workbook

On this page, I will guide you through a quick walk-through of how to get everything out of this workbook.

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You can use the panel on the left, in order to flow through this workbook.

Use them to navigate to each new section. Also, we have a nifty feedback page, if you have any questions or comments at all.



On the section pages, download the chapter first.

  • Print and fill out the form, or

  • Browse the PDF and fill the answers in your favorite journal


The section chapter will prompt you when to print the extras and worksheets that accompany the section topic. Just keep scrolling on the section page to get all of the fun, helpful extras.


Complete optional and for fun- we have included some fun freebies like crosswords, word searches and crosswords that follow along with each section topic.


These are designed to give you some space between the sections, so you can start to work on making the action steps in a new habit. We want the art of manifesting to become second nature to you.


Go at your own pace. Download as needed. Use the planners provided to keep yourself on track and continuously working on the manifesting tips.

Now, on to the Introduction!